How to install SAS under Windows Vista


After installed Vista on my computer, I sadly found out that SAS 9.1.3 couldn’t be installed on Vista and it is not supported by SAS. SAS will be adding support for this operating system for the first time with release of SAS 9.2. But I can’t wait for 9.2, and I don’t want go back XP either.


However, here is what I found to make SAS 9.1.3 works on Vista.

Open the Program Compatibility Wizard by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking Programs, and then clicking Use an older program with this version of Windows


Program Compatibilitiy Wizard

Click Next. For the next dialog, you will be asked how you would like to locate the SAS program to install. Select “I want to select the program manually.”


Click Next. Browse to the “setup.exe” file you located in step 1.


Click Next. Depending on your current OS and installed Service Packs, choose one that matches your system.


Click Next and select display setting, if it applies to your system. You may skip this part.


Click Next. Check “Run this program as an administrator.”


Click Next. This is the last page before SAS begins with the install process.


After you click Next, follow SAS installation instructions.

That’s all there is to it. Have fun!



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109 thoughts on “How to install SAS under Windows Vista

  1. Hi Hans,

    Be patient with SAS install program. At one point It becomes very slow and is not response. But after passing that stage, everything should be fine.

  2. AskMike, you wrote “At one point It becomes very slow and is not response. But after passing that stage, everything should be fine.”

    is it normal to wait for 10H?

  3. Dear Mr.Mike,

    Thanks all the way for the solution u gave.Ur suggestion work in a wonderful manner.Really its amazing to show SAS working on Vista…..i was trying it since last one month.
    I am really happy now………Thank u very much once again.

    Sukhdev Mishra
    New Delhi, India

  4. Does this work for all Vista including Home edition?
    I’m confused with information on the support website of SAS wich said that SAS only support Vista Business,
    Windows Vista Enterprise – Windows Vista Ultimate .

    I plan to buy a laptop soon. Could you sugeest me which edition of Vista I should install?

  5. The info on this blog was helpful to me so I’m posting a comment that might be helpful to others. I was able to install SAS 9.1.3 SP2 on my laptop running Windows Vista Business. I had to go through the “use older programs with this version of windows” dialog. I selected Windows XP SP2.

    Good luck to others.

  6. I’ll try it, but still need an alternative plan if it doesn’t work. Do you know how to install SAS Linux version in Ubuntu 7.10 system? I spend much time to look for the answer from the Internet but there is no solution.

  7. What version of Vista did you do this with? My Home version has this wizard, but the SAS site doesn’t mention it. (I have home basic). Should I even try it, or should I partition my hard drive and get XP?

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  9. for some users who cannot install SAS 9.1.3 (without SP4), I recommend the following steps:

    1. Run the Program Compatibility Wizard
    2. After the installation window prompts you that you do not meet system requirements, make sure you click Finish to run the SAS Systems Requirements Wizard
    3. Wait for Java and Microsoft Runtime to install
    4. Continue with the SAS installation

  10. hey please suggest me,
    i have windows vista home . i am not able to install SAS. please if it possible to install on vista home, suggest me ,
    how can i forward. what is the process to install SAS on windows vista home

  11. hi had vista home premium. I am unable to install SAS 9.1 can any one suggest me how to install. I tried with Program Compatibility Wizard even then it is not working. please give me any suggestions


    Hi all. There seems to be a bit of confusion about SAS and Vista. Basically, the steps outlined above will allow you to run SAS on any 32bit version of VISTA that is intended for the business market. To my knowledge, these are: Vista Business, Vista Ultimate and Vista Enterprise. The above steps will not work on Home Basis, Home Premium or any 64bit version. Please also note that SAS will not work on any home version of XP either. There are no plans to make SAS compatible with any Windows home operating systems, although 64bit compatibility will be incorporated into the next version of SAS (ie. 9.2). Hope that clears things up!

  13. Lee,
    I have to let you know that as long as it has the compatability mode and the Vista OS in 32bit version then the compatibility mode installer will work for SAS. The only difference between the versions you mentioned above and home basic and premium are the software packages that are installed from the wim images on the disk. As to the question to which copy to buy, Ultimate is the best bang for your buck. You get all of the OS versions on one disk as well as Window’s Media package (if you’re into having a nice program to help organize all your video and music media). If I remember correctly it should also have the x86 as well as the x64 versions of the software.

    AskMike… thanks for posting about this. It will help me emincely in the furture.

  14. Hi Chaoticflyer

    Thank you for taking the time to write that, but I think you may have missed the point behind my post. SAS will not work on any home version of windows, which includes Vista Home and XP Home versions. This is stated on the SAS website, and they have no plans to change this is the near future. I have tried countless times to get SAS working on Vista Home Premium and Basic using the compatibility mode installer, but to no avail.

    However, all business versions of Vista WILL work with the compatibility mode installer, including Vista Ultimate (which I agree is the best Vista OS to go for). Once again, I should stress that the current version of SAS will also not run on any 64 bit platform; although the forthcoming SAS 9.2 will have this capability.

  15. Hello all..
    Just letting you know that I have windows vista and I was able to install SAS program through the instruction stated above.

    So, yeah, it’s possible.
    Give it a try.


  16. Thanks! for the wonderful blog, A quick question “How long does it take to install java and runtime”. I had waited for almost an hour and quit. Can you please help me with any suggestions.

  17. just tried it at it works on my vista home 32 bit.

    reminds me of the euro cup addidas add when Greece won:

    impossible is nothing

  18. hello everyone,

    looking at above discussion am still confused. is it possible to install SAS (any version) on Vista Home (only).

    i need to install it by any means and ASAP.

    pls do suggest

  19. Hi, Mike.
    I want to install SAS 9.1 on Vista Home Basic, is it posible?

    I cant see the btton to be clicked:
    “Use an older program with this version of Windows”

  20. Okay, I was able to install SAS 9.1.3 on Vista Home Premium (SP1) though it wasn’t easy. I did select XP SP2as the compatibility mode for setup.exe. Nonetheless, the install behaved oddly. For example it would hang at unpredictable points though canceling and restarting from the beginning did seem to mean that it would go further the next time. I did also let it sit overnight after one of the hang point and came back to find it “100%” which wasn’t true since it hadn’t gone through all the disks (in this case I uninstalled and started over). Also each disk change would open a content window as well as continue with the install – I would just close them as they opened. Anyway, on about the 8th attempt or so, it loaded everything and did one final hang at 94% complete (during file clean-up) when apparently it couldn’t figure out to ask for the set-up disk one last time.

    So far though, the program appears to be running fine now that it is installed. I will update if I encounter any functionality issues while running SAS itself.

  21. Hi Rich (or anyone else),
    So when I tried installing SAS 9.1.3 on a brand new laptop with Vista Home, not realizing that SAS would only work on Vista Business or Ultimate. The installation would go fine until about 83% and just “hangs” as you say saying it performing post-installation steps and “may take awhile …”. I tried this several times, even letting it run for over 12 hours. SAS doesn’t even show up on my programs list. So, the only thing you did was to try to keep installing it? Any other tricks/suggestions?

  22. For anyone else looking to install SAS 9.1.3 on Vista Home Edition, I have another way if the Program Compatibility Wizard does not work for you as it did not for me. I would get to 83% and it would just hang at the post-installation steps for hours. I talked to support services for my laptop trying to see if I could uggrade to Vista Business and they actually told me to try to startup the computer in Safe Mode. Once I did that and tried installing, the installation process finally completed itself. I just started trying to run my programs and so far so good. The only weird thing is that if I click on a file icon to open it, it won’t start the SAS program. However, if I open SAS from the Programs menu, I can open my file from there and run it fine. It’s a slight hiccup, but I’m glad to at least have it working on my computer.

  23. Hi! I installed SAS 9.1.3 on Vista Home Edition (including Enterprise miner 5.1.3 and Enterprise guide 4.1), but i can´t connect to the metadata server and i can´t create metadata repository. When i try to add a Repository, the system prevent that “the user doesn’t have permisions to perform this action”. When i try to open Enterprise miner 5.1, it doesn´t work!!
    Please i need your help!!!!!

  24. To anyone interested, I just tried the suggested install-via-safe-mode trick and it installed just fine. The program runs and appears fully functional.

  25. YES, IT WORKS ON VISTA HOME PREMIUM. No one seemed to have a clear answer on this so I finally did the install my self. No problems, no freezing, stopping. Up and running fine on Vista Home Premium.

    • Hi Teedy
      Could u pls explain to me how did u manage to install SAS in ur PC with VISTA HOME PREMIUM…I have tried countless times but witouht any success… during installation when it crosses 91% then a window pops up saying…..32 bit Launcher has Stopped Working …..and then whn i close this window the installation continues till 100%…but when i try to on from my start up it just vanishes…cud u pls help me with the installation

  26. Hi,

    Yes, SAS 9.1.3 does work in vista Home premium. It did on mine.
    But can anyone suggest a way to install the the same 32 bit version on 64 bit vista home premium, or do I have to buy a new one.
    please do let me know, I am desparate.


  27. I’m getting green circles on my PDF files when I use the ODS code. Does anybody know how to fix this? I’d much rather get graphic output than this mess.

  28. I installed from vista and had the hanging at 83% problem too. The things that i found helpful were to disable my antivirus programs and then to open explorer, find the presetup.exe program on the dvd, right-click it, and choose the “run as administrator” option, toward the top of the menu. Once that program installed the SAS java runtime, it prompted me to run the install program. I cancelled that, went back to explorer, right-clicked on setup.exe, and again chose “run as adminstrator.” That worked better for me than installing from safe mode, which has the slight problem described by My De Li, above.

  29. I ran into someone who installed SAS 9.1.3 onto their 64 bit Vista laptop by changing the line in the file sasxx_xxxxxx.txt (file you get with the renewal instructions) that comes after SID_header=SAS 9.1.3 from
    x64=0 to x64=1

  30. Meant to add, has anyone else tried this? If so, have you been running SAS for awhile and doing many different procedures (regressions, etc.) and dde and ods tasks? Still working okay? Do you have Vista Home Premium or Business/Ultimate? I’d love to get SAS 9.1.3 to work on a 64 bit laptop.

  31. I have “successfully” installed SAS Learning Edition 4.1 on Vista Business SP1, but unfortunately, two elements appear not to have been installed – one is SAS Enhanced Editor, and the other SAS Workspace Manager. Does anyone have any idea how to get these two elements installed?

  32. I have SAS 9.0 on Vista 64 bits on my desktop .
    and SAS 9.1.3 SP4 installed on XP3 on my laptop and on vista 64.
    All are OK and I work on two versions at the same time if It’s better to use 9.1.3 for some improvements like ODS graphics or proc model.
    All PC are connect by remote desktop .


  33. Thanks for the posting Quartor. I did get SAS installed on my laptop with the 64-bit Windows Ultimate Vista operating system. So far it seems to be fine. It’s good to hear reassurance that it is working for others too.

  34. An interesting thing I have found is that SAS 9.1.3 processes programs faster on a 32-bit Windows Vista laptop with an Intel chip than it does on on a 64-bit Windows Vista laptop with an AMD chip. The AMD laptop takes about 20% longer. Have others experienced this same slowness?

  35. It depends what process you use. in 64 bits (Toshiba TX and Dell T13400) I found speed very fast for proc model with a very complicated equation to solve than 32 bit on XP3 on Toshiba T2050 professional . In All the machines, you can gain speed by using differents systems tools in SAS and by taking care SAS garbage in proc datasets.

  36. Hi,

    could someone please confirm that changing x64=0 to x64=1 in the license would allow to install SAS 9.1.3 onto Vista x64?


    • Hey Jumpin Jack,

      I am running Windows 7 – 64 bits on my desktop and want to install SAS 9.1.3.

      I traced the sid.txt file with all the licence registration information including the ‘x64=0’ and i changed it to ‘x64=1’ accordingly.

      Unfortunately, it did not work for me as i do get the same Error (as before):

      “This is an application for 32 bit systems and cannot be run on 64 bit systems”

      Please, post me a fix for this !

  37. my install worked, but the sas local sever is not working properly. Says “Class not registered”. Any advice on this problem?


  38. Changing x64=0 to x64=1 in the license file allowed me to install SAS 9.1.3 on my 64-bit PC with Vista Home Premium. Thanks a lot!

    • Hey stat,

      I am running Windows 7 – 64 bits on my desktop and want to install SAS 9.1.3.

      I traced the sid.txt file with all the licence registration information including the ‘x64=0′ and i changed it to ‘x64=1′ accordingly.

      Unfortunately, it did not work for me as i do get the same Error (as before):

      “This is an application for 32 bit systems and cannot be run on 64 bit systems”

      Please, post me a fix for this !

  39. @stat,

    Glad you got it worked on your 64bit Vista. I thought SAS didn’t work on 64bit platforms at all, at least not on my 64bit Server 2008.

    Thank you for your input and contribution.

  40. Strange.
    While trying to install Sas 9.1.3 on Vista Business x64, I got the following error message: “The is an application for 32 bit systems and cannot be run on 64 bit systems.” 😦

    Were there several revisions of SAS 9.1.3?

    Could some, who successfully installed SAS on 64-bit Vista, tell me what is saved in your (in the root directory of the first setup disk)?

    Mine has:



  41. @eLink

    Am afraid I can’t help you with the setup disk. Are you sure you pointed SAS to the correct .txt file in the setup? Also, did you follow the instructions for loading SAS on VISTA (going to Control Panel – Programs – Use an Older program with this version of Windows and using the XP setup?) The message you describe is what you would get if the .txt file has x64=0.

  42. @Jumpin Jack
    I have no doubts that I did it correctly.
    After all, I had SAS for quite a while under 32-bit Vista.
    And yes, I installed it myself :).
    Besides, I don’t even get the chance to point to the license file, as the error message pops up before, when I click on “install SAS software” or “Verify System Requirements”.

    As to my inquiry about the CDSetVersion, it is according to SAS ( that the CDSetVersion should be greater than 45 to be able to install SAS 9.1.3 on 64-bit Windows (SAS does not specify if it is WinXP or Vista).

    On the other hand, it had been long considered that you can’t install SAS 9.1.3 on Vista, so I do not give up yet 🙂

    Thanks for your suggestions.


    • @ eLINK,

      I have got my new dell XPS loaded with Windows 7(64 bit). I am also facing same problem as you described here. My CDsetversion is 31. Hope oyu have got a SAS working on your system now. Can you help me finding the one with version ge 45.

      Many Thanks

  43. Question for those of you running SAS 9.1.3 on x64 Vista. What Base SAS HotFix Bundles have you run to keep SAS up to date? Do you do the regular Windows or Windows for IPF (64 bit)?

  44. The install has worked fine for me on Vista home premium, i can open sas (learning edition) but when I try to run a prog I get the following error. “A connection to the server ‘local’ could not be established”. Does anyone know how to overcome this?>

    • ok so.. i dont know if this solves everyone’s problems like it did for me, but if you go to the folder in my computer for SAS learning edition, there will be an icon for SAS, like a small pyramid shape. if you click on that, you can just use that to run programs. you can also create a shortcut and put in on your desktop so you dont have to go back to and find it in your folder every time. i realize that you posted this like over 2 years ago… but in case anyone else comes through, i guess this could help. actually, the program that gives me the error, i kind of wonder what kind of new-fangled SAS that is.. i have never seen it before.

  45. Is any one installed enterprise miner 5.3 and succeed to mack the sas metadata server work? I succeed the full install but when I start the SAS Management Console I recive the masage “Unable to establish a connection to the requested metadata server”. is someond know how to handle this isue?

  46. This is great information. I can now use my Vista Ultimate laptop to run SAS. I had to use SAS 9.1.3 (w/o SP4) on my dad’s laptop, which used to be mine. His laptop literally died out last month because of a busted AC port. My setup: Vista Ultimate 32-bit, compatibility mode: Windows XP SP2.

  47. Home Vista Premium
    Service Pack 1
    Processor: Intel Core Duo CPU
    System Type: 64-bit Operating System:

    I’m getting the following error: This is an application for 32 bit systems not 64 bit systems .

    I checked my license txt file in the license folder:
    I don’t see x64=0
    Is their any other way to bypass the intial stage. I tried the system compality test and browsed the setup.exe file after it still goes back to the same error:This is an application for 32 bit systems not 64 bit systems .

  48. hi All,

    same prob as earlier described by Andy.. The install has worked fine but when I try to run a prog I get the error. “A connection to the server ‘local’ could not be established”.

    Can someone suggest a solution?

  49. Hi,
    I tried installing SAS Learning Edition 4.1 per the instructions W. Chiu “macroeconomist” on
    Didn’t work.
    So I wanted to try reinstalling using another method. Unfortunately my computer won’t allow me to uninstall saying Learning Edition is not supported on any Microsoft Vista OS.
    So, my question is, how do I uninstall SAS Learning Edition 4.1 on Vista Home Edition?

  50. I used Revo Uninstaller to remove SAS and re-install. I had followed the instructions by W. Chiu. I got the install to work, but it never asked me to load disk 2. And there were no reboots required! After starting SAS LE tutor, I tried to read a SAS file, but it would not read!

  51. I have Vista Home Premium 64-bit and am getting the following error message:
    The permissions for the file C:\Windows\system32\psapi.dll could not be set.

    I never get the SAS installation process to even start… Any suggestions? would it be wiser to try and put XP on my computer or “upgrade” to Vista Ultimate?

  52. I was able to install SAS Learning edition on Vista home edition. but I am able to create data sets. it giving error creating data sets

  53. I just installed Learning Edition 4.1 on Vista Home. I set compatibility mode on the setup file to XP-SP2, and after .NET 1.1 was installed and my system rebooted, I got the “not compatible with Vista” message and setup aborted. I simply ran setup again, and had no further problems.

    When I tried to run some simple code I got the “A connection to the server ‘local’ could not be established” error. From this:

    I navigated to C:\Program Files\SAS\SAS Learning Edition 4.1 (this is the path on my computer; YMMV), opened a command window there, and ran:

    sas /regserver

    This was all that was necessary to fix the problem.

    HTH anyone else having problems!

    • Hi,

      I have tried GESancMan method, but still got the same “A connection to the server ‘local’ could not be established” error. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  54. Hi All,

    I have Windows Vista Home Premium, 64 bit operating system in my laptop.

    If i buy new SAS 9.2 for 64 bit ( which comes in both 32 bit and 64bit)
    can I install it in my laptop ??

    if anybody installed will you help me please…

  55. Thanks for this nice suggestion.

    It didn’t work completely for my system, but the main idea behind this was the key idea for me to get SAS installed on my Laptop.
    Due to the fact, I tried almost a whole day except the time I spent in university, I’ve got only this night left to finish my tasks in order, not to exceed the deadline.

    I just want to say thanks and now get back to work.

  56. I can’t quite believe what I’m reading here. I have just found SAS Learning Edition 4.1 with a view to trying to learn about the software only to read that it will only work on Pro operating systems.

    I have a desktop on Vista Home and a Laptop on XP Home and it seems that I would not be able to run it on either? So an educational private user software can only be run on expensive professional systems? Errr ok then. Is it just me or is that totally absurd? :/

    In summary am i right in thinking that my only option would be to shell out on a new operating system if i want to familiarise myself with this software?

    obviously loads of others experiencing the same frustrations, i’m really surprised and disappointed!!

  57. I tried Installing SAS Learning Edition 4.1 on my XP but it hangs in at 83% for ever. Please please help

    Thanks in advance

    • I have installed SAS Learning Edition 4.1 in Vista Home Premium just by following the tricks mentioned above.
      Even though I am able to invoke SAS and code & run programs, I am not able to use the delete / backspace / arrow keys to edit.
      Does anyone else have this problem. Any help is appreciated.


  58. I installed SAS Learning Edition 4.1 on my 32bit Vista Home Premium system, by following these instructions:
    and it works perfectly.
    I don’t have any problems using the delete / backspace / arrow keys to edit.
    The only strange thing is that in some of the Enterprise Guide menu windows text lines appear twice in some kind of shadow effect, but I can live with that.

  59. I have tried to install SAS several times using this method but I cannot get past the “test your compatibility settings” on the Run w/ Different Version of Vista screen. Any advice? I just get stuck on that page! Also, I am using a downloaded version of SAS from my school, not a CD. I don’t know if that makes a difference? Thanks in advance!

    • You shouldn’t be trying to run it as a different version of Vista, but as “Microsoft Windows XP (Service Pack 2)”.
      So, do you have computer running the VIsta operating system? If yes, please try this approach:
      It’s very important that you deactivate your anitivirus software (e.g. Symantec Norton, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, …) before you start the insatllation, and again after very re-start of your computer during the installation process.
      Also if you think you’re stuck (after you’ve waited for about half an hour, it sometimes takes that long, so don’t be impatient), just re-start the installation, it should pick off in the middle of the installation process where it left off:
      open an Windows Explorer window by pressing the Windows-button and the button “E” simultaneously, go to setup.exe (on Setup CD-ROM), RIGHT-click (click on the right button on your mouse, not the usual left one) on setup.exe, go down the menu that opens and select Properties, Select the Compatibility tab, Select Windows XP (Service Pack 2) and “run as administrator” (you should have logged on to the system as the administrator, if you’re just one of many users without administrator rights on that computer, ask the administrator to do it) and click OK.

  60. Hi,

    All i am thing about buy sas learning edition 4.1 but has the same issue that most of you have and this is Incompatible OS. I have 2 desktop at home and 2 laptops. The laptops are Vista and the one of the desktop is home edition XP and the other in windows 2000 but it is 10 years old and lacks the ram that is needed. So my question to all off that are having issue is, have any of you tried installing SAS learning edition 4.1 in Windows Virtual PC XP mode and running it Windows Virtual PC XP? If so can you all please let me know how that turned out? I am thinking that should work for the Windows Virtual PC XP mode is XP Professional

  61. Hi all,

    I have a similar problem. Ive been reading and it seems that there might be fix for those trying to install SAS 9.1.3 into Vista with a 64bit OS.

    Can you please let me know where the sid.txt file is located? I found a sid.txt file but it didn’t contain x64=0 for me to change. Any help would be appreciated.



  62. hello,
    I could install learning edition on vista, business, in compatibility mode. But when I tried to open the Data , it says ”

    Enterprise guide can not open the data file: C:\Program Files\SAS\SAS
    Learning Edition 4.1\eg\Sample\Data\baseball.sas7bdat
    Error opening data “baseball”.
    Failed to open data set in READ MODE”

    Thank you,

  63. Hi ,

    I ve read all logs above . I was able to install SAS 4.1 Learning edition on Windows Vista Home Business as suggested by a guy at Amazon

    Afterwards , i wrote a simple program but when i try to run , it;s giving error ” Connection to loacl server cant be established ” .

    Can anybody advice , what is to be done inorder to overcome this problem . But in above steps , anybody having any doubt , i woudl luv to help but my program is not running .


  64. Hi Ravi, you should also do this:
    In order for Enterprise Guide 4.1 to work properly, you now you have to make SAS register your computer as the local server.
    How to do this?
    Open a command window, by:
    Start-button -> All Programs -> Accessories
    right-click on “Command prompt” and select from drop-down menu “run as administrator”
    Now a black window opens, titled “Administrator: Command prompt”
    You now have to navigate to the folder where you installed SAS Learning Edition 4.1, for which you use the cd = change directory command
    Type in:
    cd C:\Program Files\SAS\SAS Learning Edition 4.1
    Hit the Return-button
    You are now in the directory C:\Program Files\SAS\SAS Learning Edition 4.1
    To make SAS register the local server, type in:
    sas /regserver
    Hit the Return-button
    Now close the black Command prompt window

    Now open SAS Learning Edition either by double-clicking on the short-cut on your desktop or by going via: Start-button -> All Programs -> SAS -> SAS Learning Edition 4.1

  65. I have Windows 7 and am planning to buy SAS Learning edition 4.1, will the same trick work on W7 – as mentioned above for Vista? Please help..


  66. Anybody can help please.I am trying to install SAS 9.0 ON WINDOW XP SERVICE PACK 2.And getting following messgage\\

    Set up status: Set up is performing the requested operation
    Performing post-processing.This may take a while 83%
    from 83%, it is not moving further(means not downloading)
    Any suggestion please

    • @R: Yes, it will also work on Windows 7: I’ve also got it installed on Windows 7 Home Premium following these same instructions.

      Have you disabled your anti-virus program as the instructions call for?

  67. I was not able to install SAS Foundation with error in setup
    ERROR: Invalid physical name for library WORK
    NOTE: Unable to initialize the options subsystem

  68. Hi I know this is an old thread and this is a bit off topic but i am trying to get some help setting up a local server for enterprise guide. does anyone know where i might be able to get some help


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